For Aximmetry

J-Player is a GUI program that interfaces with Aximmetry.

It lets you easily load and playback video and audio files, trim in and out points and play it looped or even bounced.

You can easily change playback speed and direction.

at this GUI you can see the filename, its duration, its Fps, and current and remaining playback time.

J-Player comes in three editions: One, Two and Four Players.

* you must have aximmetry installed!

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1. Extract the folder somewhere on your local drive.

2. Read the Aximmetry guide , you can find it inside "For Aximmetry" folder. 

3. put the Aximmetry compound inside your compound and connect its outputs.

4. Run J-Player.exe, Aximmetry status must be green, if it's red there is no communication with Aximmetry. check the guide again.

5. you will see a red DEMO label on top, click it.

6. Email me your PayPal Email address and your Device ID.

7. I will email you back your Key.