J-Counter is a windows application for conventions, Events, Lectures and more...

J-Counter is a professional counter application with many useful features, it has two built in counter and it supports Dual Screen operation.


​     What is new in ver 1.0.4?

  • New Design

  • OSC Support! now you can control the timers from OSC programs like "Companion".

  • Added an option to set the time for remaining warning.

  • "Test" button is now "Ring Now".

  • CLR button will not reset the clock settings.


​     Features:

  • Two Built-in independent counters

  • An option to choose one or two timers operation

  • Can count Up or Down

  • Dual Screen support

  • Time can be change without stopping

  • Possible To add or reduce time while running

  • Instant color selection

  • Remaining time warning when counting down

  • Timers can blink when reaches to the end

  • Timers can ring when reaches to the end

  • Build in rings, you can also add yours

anyrgb.com (2).png

How purchase will work:

After payment click the DEMO at the top of the program and send an email 

with you paypal email address and your machine id to jozeemedia@gmail.com.

I will reply with your serial number, Enter it at the registration window.

Please allow up to 24 hours for the reply, usually it takes much less.