J-Counter is a windows application for conventions, Events, Lectures and more...

A production timer with many useful and professional features.

2 separated timers that can show completely different counts.

A simple and easy to use main interface with an options to count down or up, a quick time set buttons for instant setup.


An additional large display window which can be placed anywhere even on a different display output, and with "fullScreen" mode we get a clean, borderless full display output.


A message centre window which allows the operator to send visual messages 

to the presenter.

You can store up to 6 different messages for quick access. The messages will appear on top of timer Two at the display window and on the "Receiver" app.

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Screenshot 2022-10-30 165015.png

J-Counter supports incoming OSC command!

OSC - Open Sound Control protocol is very popular among a lot of production

software like vMix, Resolume, Watchout, D3. and hardware like x32, Digico, Grand MA and much much more...

For example you can use Stream Deck controller with Companion app to control J-Counter easily.


J-Counter can receive media players data directly from vMix and from any computer on the same network.

just enter the IP agrees and Port of vMix, choose an input and you will get the clip elapsed or remaining time on timer Two!

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Screenshot 2022-11-20 165129.jpg

​     Main Features:

  • Two Built-in independent counters

  • An option to choose one or two timers operation

  • Both timers Can count Up or Down

  • Timer can be shown an any connected display in 'windowed' of 'FullScreen' mode.

  • Time can be change without stopping

  • Possible To add or reduce time while running

  • Instant color selection, Individually for each timer

  • Remaining time warning when counting down

  • you can show current time (Clock) on any of the timers with offset

  • Timers can blink when reaches to the end

  • Timers can ring when reaches to the end

  • Build in ring sounds, you can also add yours

  • Instant messaging overlay on timer Two

  • can show vMix media time on timer Two

  • OSC support

  • Bitfocus Com      Integrated for operating with Stream Deck.


J-Counter Receiver


J-Counter receiver is a separate app that can run on any other computer over the same network and display the timers data.

no settings required, it will work automatically.

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How purchase will work:

After payment click the DEMO at the top of the program and send an email 

with you paypal email address and your machine id to jozeemedia@gmail.com.

I will reply with your serial number, Enter it at the registration window.

Please allow up to 24 hours for the reply, usually it takes much less.

* You are buying a lifetime license is for a single PC!